About Book My Assessment

If you qualify for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) you will require a Needs Assessment which BookMyAssessment can provide at our centres.

About Book My Assessment

Why choose us?

  • Our aim is to deliver the highest quality assessment services which enable disabled students to access the specialist equipment and support they need to fulfil their potential at university or college.
  • We aim to offer a DSA Needs Assessment within 2–3 days and in no more than 10 days.
  • We recruit and train the very best, most experienced assessors with the ability to engage effectively with students.
  • We’ve invested in fully equipped DSA QAG registered centres in convenient locations.


Assessing your learning needs is not something to be worried about. Our friendly team are always here to help to guide you through the process.

What students have said about our Needs Assessments:

  • Excellent experience. Very friendly and helpful. Louise was excellent at discussing my needs and helping me in whatever way possible.
  • It was a very positive and rewarding experience which has made me even more determined to do well in my studies. I never expected to be supported or that the assessor would understand my condition, but she did. I felt overwhelmed by the generosity, understanding and support I was given throughout the process.
  • I actually enjoyed the assessment thanks in large part to Louise and how she was able to understand and empathise with me. She did a lot to help me, including extremely useful insight that I hadn’t considered before our appointment. I am now in a significantly better position to succeed than before the meeting because of this help.
  • A very positive experience and made to feel very comfortable and supported.
  • My assessment was exceptional. The assessor was extremely knowledgeable. I had felt anxious about talking about my disability and needs to a stranger, but Louise’s personal skills and appropriateness put me at ease and gave me reassurance about the support that was available for. I can’t wait for my equipment to come and felt relieved leaving the assessment centre. This is the first time I have ever had equipment to support me like this, I can’t praise the assessment process highly enough. My only disappointment has been waiting for it to arrive.
  • I am very, very pleased with the experience. Thank you so much.
  • 100% of the time students that choose BookMyAssessment are seen within 15 working days of contacting one of our centres. *
  • 100% of the time our Needs Assessment reports are sent to the student and/or funding body within 10 working days of an assessment. **

* This KPI is for our main centre, and is correct as of 8th October 2018
** This KPI is for our main centre in Belfast and is correct as of 8th October 2018