DSA General Allowance

The General Allowance helps cover the day-to-day costs of studying that are related to the student’s disability.

What is the allowance for?

A General Allowance can be used to pay for things such as:

  • Printing or photocopying costs
  • Paper or ink cartridges
  • The cost of your DSA Needs Assessment

Printing or Photocopying costs

This covers the additional printing and photocopying costs you incur as a direct result of your recommended support strategies. It does not, for example, cover the costs of printing larger documents such as dissertations or coursework for assessment which all students would have to undertake regardless of disability.

How the allowance works

If you are awarded a General Allowance, your funder (SFE / SaaS / SFW / SFNI) will include this on your award letter (DSA2). This letter will advise you on how to claim the allowance.

Generally, the student pays any costs upfront then completes and returns a Claim for Reimbursement form with receipts.

Any submitted receipts must include the date of purchase, the amount paid and the purchase description.