DSA Specialist Equipment Allowance

The DSA Specialist Equipment Allowance helps students get the equipment they need to fully benefit from their course. This will cover them for the whole study duration even if they transfer to another course.

What is the allowance for?

The Specialist Equipment Allowance can be used to buy and insure items that will help a student with their studies, such as:

  • a computer system
  • disability-related software like a screen reader or speech to text app
  • ergonomic equipment
  • recording devices

How much is the allowance?

Any equipment bought with this allowance must have been included in the DSA Needs Assessment report. If a Study Needs Assessment recommends that a student need a computer or laptop, depending on the funding body, the student may be asked to make a contribution of £200 towards it.

What if I already own the recommended equipment?

Any equipment you already have, whether purchased with DSAs or not, should continue to be used. The funding can be used to insure or extend the warranties of existing equipment.

Can I buy my own laptop?

You can use your own supplier when buying a laptop. If the cost of the laptop is more than the amount that has been agreed, then you will have to cover any additional costs.

At Book My Assessment, we do not recommend you do this as there are many advantages to using the government appointed one-stop-shop suppliers.

Upgrading the equipment you have been recommended

Students can upgrade equipment bought with their Specialist Equipment Allowance as long as the upgraded equipment meets the student’s needs as outlined in their Study Needs Assessment report, and the student pays for the upgrade.