How do I apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance?

The first step in the process is to apply to the Disabled Students Allowance scheme. Your local funder will assess your application and, if eligible, will issue with a confirmation letter. This letter is commonly referred to as a DSA1 letter.

As soon as you receive your DSA1 letter you should contact Book My Assessment to book your Needs Assessment interview. We will offer you an appointment within 10 days and you will have your competed DSA Needs Assessment Report (DSA NAR) 10–15 days after that.

Once you receive our report, it can take approximately 6 weeks for your funder to order any recommended equipment and send you a confirmation (DSA2) letter.

Going to University is exciting, can be daunting and definitely requires some preparation. Book My Assessment can help ensure the supports you need are ready and available for the first day of your first term. In order for us to do this, it is vital that you contact us to book your assessment as soon as you receive your DSA1 letter.


Our Fee

You will not be personally charged for this assessment. Our fee is paid for by your funding body and the fee charged by this centre for a Needs Assessment is £660.00.

Our fee is inclusive of all work required for the duration of your study. If you take a break from studying, start a new course or provide medical evidence to your funding body of an additional disability, you may be entitled to a Needs Assessment Review.